A College Life

The Story

You as the main male character have chosen a well-known college for your studies that is far away of your homestead.
But fortunately your mum’s best friend Lucy lives in the college town, which is why you can stay with her and her two daughters Martha and Jenny during your college days.

The game’s story is about the experiences of this young guy under one roof with the three sexy girls and what he experiences in college.

The Gameplay

The game is decision based. You as the main character are at the edge of adulthood and can experience all kinds of exciting and challenging things. And the quality of the relationships to the other characters of the game are depending on your decisions.


Last Update: June 25 2018
Censorship: None
Versionv0.1, Day 1 (Afternoon until night)
OS: Windows, Mac OS
Language: English … German coming soon
Genre: 2D,The Sims 4, dating, masturbation, voyeurism, oral sex, vaginal sex, lesbian sex, gay sex, threesome, group sex, sex animations


This is the first, tiny version of the Ren’Py based Visual Novel „A College Life“ created with content by The Sims 4, animations made by creators using Wicked Whims and with poses of a lot of TS4 creators.
There is a lot more to come, whether this adult game will find their fans.

v0.1 includes:
* 34 scene images
* 17 animations
* 12 sounds


The download is for free at the moment. You can download the game here:

If you have problems or want to send us your thoughts about the game, feel free to do so via info@sims4adults.com.

Some Screenshots



IMAGES & GRAPHICS taken from The Sims 4 by Electronic Arts

ANIMATIONS made with Wicked Whims by TURBODRIVER

POSES made with Andy’s Pose Player

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE by: R-Lo, Mariana Soprano and heartbeatsandbrainwaves

Sim Main Character (MC), Sim Lucy, Sim Martha and Sim Randy by Sims4Adults

MC’s room: Student Life – Boy Room by michellew1994 (The Sims 4 Gallery)
Lucy’s house: Container Life by MychQQQ

Special thanks to Joanne Bernice for a lot of individually made poses for the game!
Akuiyumi: Anger Poses, Happy Poses, Sensual Poses, Shy Poses
ConceptDesign97: Model Pose Set 5, Model Pose Set 12
Dreacia: Model Pose #1
Helga Tisha: Male Poses 01, Model Poses 22
IMHO: Female Poses #07
Joanne Bernice: Facial Expressions, Facial Expressions 2, Facial Expressions 3, Facial Expressions 4, Frustrated Poses, No Node Cover Poses, The Kiss Pose Pack
Mary Gelal: Slumber Animation Pack
Marylu84cz: Love Me
Marty P: MP Venus and Just Stand Pose Set
Roselipa: Model Pose V1
Shibui Sims: Posepack IC001

Anarcis: Jack Off
Lupobianco: Self Pleasure, Watching Porn
Omaster: Wank Everywhere
R-Lo: Masturbation Female Standing

College Radio by The Prefab Messiahs

SOUNDS from freesound.org:
11linda: Scream female
Adam_N: Kiss
ANARKYA: Laughter female
blarf1: Orgasm female
claudiooliveira2: Students talking
dbspin: Moan couple
deleted_user_1390811: Moan female
InspectorJ: Door Squeak, Shower
kitsuneluigi: Orgasm female
l213: Moan male
milnersouza: Fighting
Mr_Alden: Dinner Table Ambiance
petercrowther: Porn movie
Syna-Max: Scream male
tim.kahn: Game Over
Trollarch2: Keyboard typing

PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS for improving images and animations:
Joes-Stuff: Sharpen & Noise Action
Nords: Undimmed Action
Tukete: Colorful Days